Growing up in a home that has always supported natural health care and eating Biblically clean foods, maintaing a healthy lifestyle has always been encouraged. For me though, working in the kitchen and exercising are comparable: I love doing both, but it can be challenging to maintain a consistent routine.

This year my goal is to try just one essential oil recipe a day to help create life-long habits of staying in the kitchen and incorporating essential oils into my diet more. Essential oils are such a great way to give our bodies the natural nutrients they need – nutrients that are often lacking in our microwave mindset culture.

Although we have used different brands throughout the years, I now exclusively use dōTERRA essential oils. All dōTERRA essential oils are harvested from plants grown indigenously (where they were originally planted during Creation), through distilling, evaporation, and cold press methods without the use of additives or chemicals. Each batch of oil harvested undergoes third-party testing to ensure that it meets the medicinal standard required by the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®  quality protocol. Unlike many essential oils sold in health food stores, they are 100% pure and safe for consumption.

If you are interested in ordering dōTERRA essential oils at wholesale prices, feel free to contact me with questions!

Thank you for joining me in my year long journey of experimenting in the kitchen with essential oils. I am excited to learn new things, try new foods, and share my recipes with you!



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  1. You are so very talented and wise beyond your years Brittany. This is fast becoming my favorite facebook page. I’ve stubbornly stayed away from instagram and twitter and I suspect before this year long project is over, I may very well join that as well =). Keep up the good work. I am very blessed to have been introduced to your family by my mom!!

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